Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine
University of Central Florida , USA
Biography :

Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya is a Professor and Head of Neuroscience in Burnett School of Biomedical Science, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida (UCF) since 2004. He is a Chair of Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Alliance of UCF. He moved from Japan to Mayo Clinic, US as a postdoc. in 1992 when he was a lecturer in Science University of Tokyo and he was promoted to an associate consultant in 1994. Then he moved to the University of Illinois at Chicago as an assistant professor in 1997 and got promoted to an associate professor in 2002. He has been conducting stem cell researches to treat neurodegenerative diseases by the adult stem cells. He recently received National Honor Plaque of Panama for exceptional contribution to neuroscience based on his study on stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. His publication regarding improvement of memory in the aged animal by stem cell transplantation was reported Washington Post, BBC, NBC, ABC and other media in all over the world. Dr. Sugaya is also a founder and chair of Progenicyte, which is a biotech company holding his 67 patent licenses, including a revolutionary process of creating pluripotent stem cells from a patient's own cells and a novel pharmaceutical approach to increase endogenous stem cells. He also recently established and SynapCyte, which is a biopharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease therapies based on his patents.

Research Interest :

Neurodegenerative diseases, Cell therapy and Stem cells

OCM Member
National University of Singapore , Singapore
Biography :

Seeram is a global leader in electrospinning and nanostructured materials. Since 2001, Seeram’s team has contributed significantly to the scientific knowledge in basic research, advances in the process and the applications of nanofibers with over 50 publications, and received more than 600 citations for the last 5 years. Seeram authored the first book on electrospinning, An Introduction to Electrospinning and Nanofibers, to facilitate researchers new to the technology in understanding of the process and its capability. This seminal book is a best seller in 2005 and 2006. Using his patented technology he is able to produce one-dimensional fibers and yarns, two-dimensional and three-dimensional oriented nanofiber assemblies from a range of materials. His team is developing electrospun nanofibers for various applications in healthcare, environment, energy, and defense & security. Seeram serves on the editorial boards of twelve international journals. He has published extensively across a broad range of areas, including biocomposites, tissue engineering, electrospinning, nanofibers, and membranes. He is an advisor to innovation driven companies such as StemLife, Biomers International and NanoComposite, Inc. He is a Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE), UK; Institution of Engineers Singapore (FIES); Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (FIMMM), UK; and American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (FAIMBE), USA. He is a recipient of the IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award and ASEAN Engineering Award in 2006.

Research Interest :

Tissue Engineering, Bio-materials and Stem cells

OCM Member
Professor , Dept BIN Fusion Tech & PolymerNano Sci Tech,
Chonbuk National University , South Korea
Biography :

Dr Gilson Khang was born in 1960 in South Korea, where he obtained his degrees at the Inha Univ (BS and MS). In 1987, he joined the Dr Hai Bang Lee’s Biomaterials Lab at KRICT (Deajeon, Korea). He was studying for PhD degree at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Univ of Iowa (Iowa City, IA, USA) from 1991-1995 under the guidance of Prof Joon B Park. His academic career started at the Department of PolymerNano Science and Technology at Chonbuk National University (CBNU) and then tenured by Full Professor in 2009. From 2006 to 2011, he was the PI of BK-21 (Brain Korea 21 Project) and WCU (World Class University, 3MUD/yr for 5 years) Program at CBNU supported by KMEST. He was Chair Professor in the Department of BIN Fusion Technology of WCU program of CBNU. He was the one of Founder Members of Asian Tissue Engineering Society (ATES) and one of Founder Members of TERMIS-AP Chapter. Prof. Khang was General Secretary and Treasurer for 2005~2009 of TERMIS-AP Chapter and now served as a council member for TERMIS-AP. Recently, he is TERMIS-AP Past-President, & TERMIS Global President-Elect (2016~2018). He has co-authored or edited 30 books. He has published 600 original research papers and 200 editorials, reviews or chapters in books. His papers were cited 15,520 times. (h-index >68) and his major scientific contribution has been to appreciate and analyze the importance of natural/synthetic hybrid scaffold to reduce the host inflammation reaction as well as the commercialization for tissue engineered products as cartilage, bone, retinal pigment epithelium, cornea endothelium, etc. His international collaboration network is really worldwide and tight over 7 countries and 15 Universities. He is engaging the Visiting Professor of Tsinghua Univ, Peking Univ, Zhejiang Univ, China and Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, USA.

Research Interest :

Tissue Engineering, Bio-materials and Stem cells

OCM Member
Professor, ElcinLab
Ankara university , Turkey
Biography :

Y. Murat ELÇIN, PhD is a Professor of Biochemistry at Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey since 1996. He studied chemistry at Ankara University; received MSc (1990) and PhD (1993) titles in Biochemistry from AU; performed postdoctoral training at University of California-Los Angeles School of Medicine, Los Angeles, USA (1995). He was a visiting scientist at Oxford University, UK (1997), research associate (UNESCO fellow) at UCLA, USA (1998) and invited research associate at University of Giessen, Germany (2000, 2001). Prof. Elcin’s major research interests are clinical tissue engineering, stem cells, regenerative medicine, regenerative biomaterials and medical devices. He has been involved in the first clinical tissue engineering study of Turkey (2003). He has established the ElcinLab ( and is currently leading a research group of >15 members (with a funding of >3.5M € from national and international sources as the P.I.). He has been the supervisor of ~50 post-graduate studies (22 PhD, 28 MSc). He has authored ?80 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals (H-Index: 27; i10-index: 52, total number of citations: >2167; Source of citation data: Google Scholar), 15+ book chapters and around 200 conference proceedings. He has presented ~100 keynotes, invited and seminar lectures in the tissue engineering, stem cells and regenerative biomaterials field. Prof. Elcin is the inventor of several patents, and the founder of a startup company, Biovalda Health Technologies, Inc. ( He is editor of the book “Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells and Gene Therapies” (2003 Kluwer-Plenum), and translation editor of the book “Lehninger- Principles of Biochemistry-5th ed.” (2013 Palme). Prof. Elcin is an elected associate member (2008) of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) and a member of the TÜBA Stem Cell Working Group since 2005. Prof. Elcin is the recipient of several science awards, including TAOS Young Scientist Award (2002), and The Ankara University Science Award (2008). He has served as Chair of Biochemistry Division at Faculty of Science between 2005 and 2017. He has been the founding Deputy Director of Ankara University Stem Cell Institute between 2010 and 2016. Prof. Elcin has been the coordinator of the TÜBA Stem Cell Working Group between 2013-2017, and UNESCO-Turkey Bioethics Committee member between 2014-2018. He is the founding member of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Society (Turkey), and The Society for Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (Turkey). He has chaired several international scientific meetings, including BIOMED 2002, BIOMED 2011 and BIOMED 2017. He serves (or has served) as scientific consultant or as advisory committee member for a number of national and international organizations and funding agencies. He is in the editorial board of a dozen scientific journals including, Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (Springer), Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (Wiley), and Genes and Diseases (Elsevier). He has guest edited the special issue of Springer’s Stem Cell Reviews and Reports on “Organ-on-Chips and 3D-Bioprinting Technologies for Personalized Medicine” (06/2017). Prof. Elcin has recently received the “Parlar Foundation 2018 Science Award”.

OCM Member
Professor, Mechanical
K.N. Toosi University of Technology , Iran
Biography :

Majid Ghassemi is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department at the K. N. Toosi University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. He has over 20 years of academic and industrial experience and served as the President of the K. N. Toosi University of Technology from 2010 through 2013. Professor Ghassemi has also served in several public and private boards and panels and supervised several undergraduate, masters and PhD students, published several books and many journal and conference papers. He is currently Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board member for many international journals. He also serves as member in several international conferences. Professor Ghassemi received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in 1993.

OCM Member
CEO and Professor Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine, CEO and Professor
NanoRegMed Ltd , United Kingdom
Biography :

Alexander Seifalian, Professor of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine worked at the Royal Free Hospital and University College London for over 26 years, during this time he spent a year at Harvard Medical School looking at caused of cardiovascular diseases and a year at Johns Hopkins Medical School looking at the treatment of liver. He published more than 647 peer-reviewed research papers and registered 14 UK and International patents. On editorial boards of 41 journals. He is currently CEO of NanoRegMed Ltd, working on the commercialisation of his research. During his career, Prof Seifalian has led and managed many large projects with successful outcomes in terms of commercialisation and translation to patients. In 2007 he was awarded the top prize in the field for the development of nanomaterials and technologies for cardiovascular implants by Medical Future Innovation, and in 2009 he received a Business Innovation Award from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). He was the European Life Science Awards’ Winner of Most Innovative New Product 2012 for the “synthetic trachea”. Prof Seifalian won the Nanosmat Prize in 2013 and in 2016 he received the Distinguish Research Award in recognition of his outstanding work in regenerative medicine from Heals Healthy Life Extension Society. His achievements include the development of the world first synthetic trachea, lacrimal drainage conduit, and vascular bypass graft using nanocomposite materials, bioactive molecules and stem cell technology. He has over 15,000 media report from his achievement; include BBC, ITV, WSJ, CNN, and many more. Currently, he is working on the development and commercialisation of human organs using graphene-based nanocomposite materials and stem cells technology. He has commercialised a novel functionalised graphene oxide for medical and other industrial applications. He also commercialised new biodegradable nanocomposite materials for medical and other industrial applications. He is British citizen and completed his school in UK (concord college) and his scientific training at London University.

Research Interest :

Stem cells, Bio-materials and Regenerative medicine

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